Become a Mohel / Mohelet

Announcing the Next Session of Our Training Program for the Certification of Reform Mohalim is Scheduled to Begin March 3rd, 2022

Our exciting educational program is being offered starting March 3rd, 2022 to train men and women interested in becoming a mohel or mohelet. This is a tremendous opportunity to help young families and communities welcome a newborn into the covenant of Judaism.

This weekly class is held online, using live video conferencing. The course is taught by distinguished faculty consisting of rabbis and mohalim, and leads to certification by the Brit Milah Board of Reform Judaism. The next course will meet on successive Thursdays for 12 weekly 2-hour sessions, 5 pm PT/8 pm ET. Tuition is $1,800.

If you are interested in applying to take part in an upcoming course, please review the application requirements and process, then request an application by emailing . Request an application today!


Jewish medical professionals with infant circumcision proficiency who have a desire to serve as a mohel/et are encouraged to apply to the program.

Eligibility of all applicants is verified prior to signing up for a course, so we encourage applications to be submitted as soon as possible upon deciding to apply to the program.

Submitting the Application

When submitting the completed Application form, be sure to include the following required supporting elements:

  • A 2 to 3 page essay explaining why you want to become a Reform mohel or mohelet

  • A letter of recommendation for acceptance to the program from your rabbi. Prior to requesting this letter, you should meet with your rabbi to discuss your application to the program. Your rabbi should, in effect, be your sponsor – a person who can serve as your guide and mentor throughout your training and service as a mohel/et.

  • A short description of your medical qualifications to perform the newborn circumcision procedure. Include a description of your training in the procedure and your experience in performing it.

  • A letter of recommendation for acceptance to the program from the head of a hospital department in which circumcisions are performed – such as Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Urology, or Family Practice – attesting to your proficiency in the performance of the procedure, newborn circumcision;

Steps Toward Applying to the Training Program

Below is the step-by-step process to become a Reform Mohel/et.

  1. Once a complete application has been received by the Brit Milah Program, your application will be reviewed by the Brit Milah Board of Reform Judaism to verify eligibility.

  2. Once eligibility has been verified and the application has been approved, course announcements will be sent for all scheduled courses.

  3. Once all registration forms have been received by the Brit Milah Program, you will need to attend a course.

  4. After a course is completed, guidelines for writing a Final Reflection are sent to each participant. Each participant is allowed one year from the end date of the course to submit the Final Reflection.

  5. Once the Final Reflection is received by the Brit Milah Board of Reform Judaism the entire file is reviewed with the Final Reflection and a certification decision is submitted. This review process will take place within 3-6 months after receiving the Final Reflection

  6. Once accepted as a certified mohel/et, you will be invited to join NOAM, supported by a yearly dues fee, which qualifies members to be listed in our on-line Directory where families interested in Brit Milah services can find your contact information.

  7. NOAM members are also eligible to join our Google ListServ , a forum where certified mohelim/ot regularly discuss issues and news that interests and elucidates our community.

  8. NOAM holds a national conference every few years for its members, in addition to one-day regional conferences that are set up around the country.